105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

week 9 alleygations -amy lewis - The Lilies

Week 9  Alleygations 11-6-23

Just when you think you finally have a night free to roam and chat without being yelled at and corralled back to your lane, your captain assigns you the duty of gathering intel for her alleygations. Being a novice at the task I was instructed to “Just find out anything noteworthy or funny happening on the lanes.” So take a walk down the lanes with me and find out what happens when you ask members of the league about what’s happening on their lane.

But before we do, I need to give an important reminder that your bowling shoes are not to be worn outside of the bowling alley. Most of us remember but check on your teammates or just remind Rose! While you’re at it, ask Robert Driver what time it is. Thankfully modern technology changed the clock on his phone and car and he made it on time to bowl.


no bowling shoes outside

To get me started Koch offered up a joke. It went something like this ….
Three nuns died at the same time. They approached the pearly gates and Saint Peter said I have a question for each of you before you can enter heaven. To the first he asks “Who was the first man in the garden of Eden and the first nun replied “Adam” Saint Peter congratulated her and welcomed her in. He asked the second nun, “Who was the first woman in the Garden of Eden?” “That’s easy,” she said “Eve.” She was welcomed in. He asked the third nun, “What was the first thing Eve said to Adam in the Garden of Eden?” “That’s a hard one” she replied. Saint Peter replied “Very good. You are correct.” And the final nun entered through the gates.

Way down on Lanes 17/18. Missy Wilson was visiting with friends and offering moral support to Matt and Chris. They were lacking in having anything fun or noteworthy to offer up for a while. However, when pressed Chris Wilson said “ Bill Piper is bowling his ass off!” I caught Bill Piper heading out to get his take on the evening and he had this to say “I think one of the Wilson’s got a really good split but I’m not sure. It was probably Chris but I don’t remember.” Must have been a memorable play!

Ralph Zuke's Photo Shoot

Meanwhile, Don Klackner won the 50/50. Bringing home $65 and ending Ralph Zuke’s three-week winning streak! If either of you want to pick me up a power ball ticket, I think my chances will exponentially improve in winning.

Lanes 19/20: I’m hoping Ralph Zuke’s personal photographer captured some great shots. He may be able to provide some details if you too need your bowling photoshoot for the league promotional pieces and league website. Jack Windish may have started out rough. You’ll have to ask his team the final count of how many times he attempted to bowl on the wrong lane. It was twice I believe in the first game. I think things turned around because at my next check-in
Team Weiss was enjoying their progress and I just missed the celebration round of shots! (Timing really is everything!) They were celebrating two hangings. It may have been due to the influence of the shots they enjoyed but I overheard one on their team needs Viagra and one of them does not!

Bob Garagiola w/ his golf trophy at Olivette 11-6-23

Quickly moving on to Lanes 21/22 I discovered that some of the team members are more dedicated to sport than others.  Dee Baebler was back after missing the previous week because Dee and Drew’s daughter was in labor.  Drew made it to support his team last week.  That’s a dedicated captain!  Just kidding Baeblers’!  Congratulations on the birth of your first granddaughter.  She’s sure to have captured your hearts already and not to fear everyone there are pictures readily available to share.  

And last but not least the Lilies and the Werners battled it out on Lanes 23/ 24 for the ceiling fan that is.  Some were warmer than others but thankfully everyone kept their clothes on! 

The Lilies took victory over The Werners with a 14 to 8 point ratio.  That happens to be the 3rd time they have won with the same spread. No idea the odds of that. Terry Werner may have some statistical data?? The “Lilies of the Alley” was AGAIN the last team to wrap up their game. They may need a reminder to keep it moving when all the other teams have packed away their gear and are heading out.  Dan Conway, maybe you can play “Semisonic’s Closing Time’  when you notice we’re lagging.

Semisonic – Closing Time (Official Music Video)

Also on Lane 24, coming off his 1st Quarter bowling team win Bob Garagiola’s Golf League B Flight trophy was delivered and on display. Congrats, Bob! 

Hey, Robert Driver what time is it?

I hear there’s a site and possibly an app that gives all the actual important bowling statistical data.  You obviously didn’t find it here and maybe Rose will be so kind as to drop the link in here because I couldn’t tell ya how to find it.

I can, however,  leave you with one more joke:  What’s so nice about a bowling family?  ….. They never split! 

Strikes and spares (or swears)!