105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Matt Weiss, Wk 7 Bowling Alleygations 10-23-23

Week 7 Alleygations 10-30-23

Week 7 started out in a very FRIGHTful manner. Somehow, very strangely
Aunt Lily Michaels sat on sister Rosie Cooper‘s head putting on bowling shoes?!?
What is the old saying, “Is it better to have a Parrot on your shoulder than a
Cat on your head?” Hell, I don’t know, I’m just making this up! Stay tuned.
On Lanes 17 & 18 the Weiss guys were attempting to roll their third
consecutive 22 point Night. A great start, capturing the first game over the
Baebler less duo of Dee & Drew Baebler team. Must’ve been date night. But
lo and behold, Doug Lorenz, acting and rolling like his famed brother, “The Legend”
Don Lorenz bowled a 31 pin over average 173 to snuff out the second game for
the merry Baebler team. The Weiss guys led by lovely Katie’s 75 pins over average
675 hdcp. series and substitute bowler, Bob Kocher‘s 63 pin over average 648
hdcp. series remained in third place taking 16 points.
“What is a ghost’s favorite jam? Boo berry!” Jon Soifer‘s Fav as well.
On Lanes 19 & 20 the Wilson’s, led by Captain Chris‘s 114 pin over
average 714 hdcp series kept the Michael’s in tow by taking 10 points and
dropping the Michael’s into 2nd Place with 99 points.
“When do Zombies finish trick or treating? When they are Dead tired!”
On Lanes 21 & 22 the Werner’s led by the Klack Man‘s 202 2nd game
wrestled 16 points from the Zuke bunch pushing them into 1st place with 103
points, just four ahead of the Michael’s moving into Position Night next week. 
This match did not occur without some mishappening’s ! ( I make up my own words)

Vic, “the man no one can hate”, Difate, bowling on Lane 21 threw a ball into the
left gutter of Lane 20. When asked why? He muttered something along the lines
of wanting hair from some of his fellow Rotarian’s barber shops! FRIGHTful? Doc
Jones‘ 201 game while all of the aforementioned is going on is still Amazing!
“What is a Vampire’s favorite Halloween candy? A Sucker!”
Finally, on Lanes 23 & 24 led by Night Train Lane’s 556, 700 hdcp series
pounded the hapless Piper’s 17-3. Rosie, most likely feeling the effects of
having been sat on, rolled 37 pins under avg., for the Piper’s. Always next week!
“Why didn’t anyone want to go trick or treating with Dracula? Because
He is a pain in the neck!”
Ralph Zuke won the 50-50 of $56. Must be some tough times for some
Rotarians. Along with Barbie movies back in style, coin purses must be as
well, when the 50-50 bucket is stuffed with coinage??
Next week’s 1st Quarter honors will go to either the Werner’s or
Michael’s in their head to head matchup, hopefully none are used for sitting on!
“Who does a Werewolf go trick or treating with? His cousin’s, Whatwolf
and Whenwolf”
My Grandboy, Liam O’Sullivan, assured me by using his preferred jokes
I am guaranteed many treats on Halloween. Hope they work well for all of
you as well!
Happy Halloween!

Matt Weiss

Mandel’s Jewelry
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Ladue, MO 63124