105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Chris Wilson Bowling Alleygations 10-9-23

Week 5 Alleygations 10-9-23
Week 5 resulted in a big change in the standings. Starting with Team Weiss taking all 22 points from
Team Michaels, keeping Michaels from advancing in the standings. This allowed Team Werner, who
took 20 points against Team Piper, to sneak past Team Wilson and tie for first with Team Michaels. With
only a few weeks left in this quarter we have 3 points separating the top 3 teams.
Highlights of the evening started with David Cowell with a 207 Scratch game, Jack Windish and Terry
Werner right behind him with 201 Scratch games. Bob Kocher had a big night with a 269 Handicap
Game and 712 Handicap Series. Not far behind him was Vic Difate with a 670 Handicap Series. Team
Werner had the best overall for the night with Team Lane right behind.
AMY!!!! – You’re up (that was my best Matt Weiss impression)