105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 4 Alleygations - Captain Drew Baebler

Week Four Alleygations Monday, 10/2/23

Recap of Week Four for Alleygations              by Drew Baebler 

Bowling has been around since the Egyptians created the game approximately 7000 years ago. It was brought to North America by settlers in the 1600s. Today approximately 67 million Americans enjoy bowling. The question remains, however: is it a game? is it a sport? or is it recreation? Let’s face it , bowling is an hour and a half of talking and drinking interrupted by an occasional 10 seconds of exercise. 


We finally got the ball rolling on week 4.  Strike that; I’ll spare you from the bowling puns.  


I looked at the individual results from this week on the spreadsheet I was shocked to see that my wife and I are leading all bowlers. Reality struck hard when I realized the results were in alphabetical order. 


Showing that he has talent to spare Bob Garagiola knocked them down with a 669. He helped to lead team Michaels to a 22-0 victory over team Piper. Piper himself actually sat this one out. His other team members will not be named to protect their reputations.  Team Wilson was led by Wade Weistriech who led all bowlers with a high net score of 699. He helped lead team Wilson to 20 points over team Lane reflecting their team high score of the week. Amy Lewis led team Zuke  with a net 645 to a victory over Team Baebler. Jeannine Conway led Team Baebler with 628 pins. One must pay homage to Don Klackner, because he is not only the owner of the lanes and pins, but he was also the only bowler to bowl at 200 this week. But, what do you expect, he owns a bowling alley! 


All was not perfection, however, for those with talent to spare like David Cowell. Coming into the night’s performance with the highest average of 199 he bowled back-to-back 149’s. Someone put kryptonite in his ball. This goes to show that in this format, the better you are, the more you have to bring it every game. 


Enough about scoring, the biggest hit of the night was by Jeannine Conway who had the other bowlers lined up to smell her new ball. Pictured above is Rose Cooper who just had to have a sniff. She said she had never smelled a ball that smelled like mint before. We will take her word for that. Looking forward to next week and more “exercise