David Wicks

Alleygations  Week 21 Feb 10, 2020 

Another evening in Paradise or at least a slice of Heaven at the Olivette Lanes. Rotary Bowling is GREAT!  If you (yes YOU) have been in Rotary any time and you have NOT joined the league or simply come by, WHY NOT!  See your Rotary friends having some fun in friendly competition.  All are welcome.  You can always join in to the 50/50 drawing, too.

For men’s individual honors, Ralph Decker had a great evening.  A 256 high game  (high game for the season so far), capped with a 661 scratch series.  Don Lorenz rolled with a strong 225 game and a 580 series.  Bob Zangas (Zoltar) and Dave (cowbell) Cowell had 200 games.

Our ladies were led by Rose Cooper with a 149 high game and 425 series.  Katie LaMarsh had high handicap at 231.

Team Decker had an exceptional 2651 handicap series along with all the others (scratch and handicap games and series.)  It really helps when someone on the team is laying down near 300 game performance.

Jennifer Krassinger, a new Rotarian and new bowler, is doing well.  She had a 628 handicap series, beating her average in 2 of the 3 games.  Add a little more consistence, and she will be a strong asset for any team. 

Gary Jones is back in action after his globe trotting or island hopping.  Hard to keep track of where he is in the Winter. 

For our bowlers who also happen to be golfers, wistful talk of warmer weather, and perfect greens is bubbling up.  The Lorenz brothers, Don and Doug, and Matt Weiss have joined Metro Seniors golf now for summer fun.    And the summer schedule for the Rotary Golf League is final, soon to be published.

Hopefully the really COLD weather is coming to an end.  It takes about 30 minutes for my ball and shoes to warm up during the first game.

12 Weeks more of bowling, so much fun in so little time!

Dave Wicks