105th Season of St. Louis Rotary Bowling League

Week 2 Alleygations -Werner

Week Two Alleygations Monday, 09/18/23

Results from week 2 show Bill Pipers team in first place! It is early but the Pipes have an impressive start with 36 of a possible 44 points.

Some of the leading scratch scores were Terry Werner with a 226 and David Cowell with a 215. Jeanine Conway led the women with a 145 score just edging out Rose Cooper with a 136. Congrats to all of the high scorers for the night!

Welcome back to Tom Keeline after a 3 year absence. It was great to see you bowling again Tom.

Welcome to Joey Papa for bowling with us! Grandpa Jones was smiling the whole night.

Newbie Robert Driver got on a roll in his first game with 5 strikes in a row. Wow!

Bob Barnes was hot with at least one strike in each game. Way to go Bob, you inspire all of us to keep on bowling!

Congrats to Kevin King for being the 50/50 winner and pocketing $57.

Things heard at the alley this week:
I hate the gutter on the left….well I hate the one on the right too. (Rose Cooper)

I have only bowled a couple of times. (Robert Driver)
Gosh, I’ve never had 5 strikes in a row. (Robert Driver)
Is my handicap based on my scores tonight? (Robert Driver)
Oh no! (Robert Driver)

Come out and watch us bowl on Monday nights! We would love to see you!

Strikes and spares,

Week 2 Bowling 9-18-23 Captain Lil and Captain Lane teams

Captain Lil and Captain Lane Teams on Lanes 23 and 24

This is the most serious pose! So intense! So much fun!