Bob Garagiola, President St Louis Rotary 2019-202

Tom Chulick, CEO & President of the St. Louis Chamber gave Club 11 a great presentation on what is going on in the St. Louis region last Thursday.  There were several surprises about how favorably St. Louis compares with other markets throughout the country.  Tom emphasized that there are many good aspects of St. Louis that need to be better told.  He encouraged us to help get this great story out.

He’s right that we should share the good things of St. Louis and without saying “…but…”

We need to apply that thinking to Rotary. All that goes on at Rotary may surprise you.  

Look at our Service Work – Lift for Life Gym – Boy Scout Food Drive – Gateway 180 appeal – Kidsmart – Community Service & CAP Grant Programs – Welfare Fund – Rotary Endowment – 8th Grade Awards – Young Citizens Awards and much more….

Consider the fun of our Social Events – Holiday Party – Happy Hours – Bowling League – Trivia Night.

Our Thursday Programs are informative, varied, and entertaining. 

Club 11’s members are our good friends/business associates; people we enjoy being with.

We should share the good thing of St. Louis Rotary with our friends, family, and business associates and without saying “…but…”   

Invite them to Rotary! They will be surprised!