David Cowell Bowling Pic

ALLEYGATIONS- 1-27-20 – David Cowell


There were some GREAT individual and team scores for the night! And some very competitive matches.  The 3rd quarter is up for grabs with 4 teams within 7 points of the top.


The evening started off with a “what could have been” story from last week – Steve LaFara was on the bench last week for Team Cowell.  After seeing his high scratch game fall to League President Ralph Decker and Ralph on track to eclipse his high scratch series Steve left before Game 3, telling Ralph as he exited that he had it in the bag, “All you need is a 205.” This is after Ralph rolled a 265 & 216 in his first two games.  Well the hex was on as Ralph could only manage a 186 in the 3rd game.  It seemed to carry over to this week as Ralph had a 139 in Game 1 before righting the ship with a 192 and 246 to get his average for the night the hard way.  Ralph beat his man, the missing Pete Milne who was the lone blind for the evening.  Matt Wilson was above average with a 620 handicap for Team Decker, and Vic DiFate and Captain Jon were also above average for Team Soifer.

In the end, Team Decker squeaked out a 12-10 decision over the Soifer bunch and maintained their hold on 2nd place (only 3 points back of the league leaders).


Team Lorenz got off to a roaring start with the high handicap game of the season in Game 1 with a 949.  Don Lorenz’ 223 and Don Klackner’s 227 led the way.  The handicap scores for the team were – Katie LaMarsh 222, Don Lorenz 249, Tim Lorenz 231 and Don Klackner 247.  Don Klackner had a 702/642 series and Tim Lorenz had a 683/533 to help them take the match (14-8) over Team Cooper.  The opposition from Cooper was led by the usual suspects, Arnold Hadler, who had a 658/520 series and Blake Critzas who had a 257 scratch in Game 2. 

Jack Windish of Team Lorenz recuperating from a recent carpal tunnel surgery on his right hand was able to grab $41 in the 50/50.  I think Don Lorenz should have taken a finders fee for having to read Jack the winning number.  Jack also took some ribbing from many of the bowlers.  My favorite one (appropriate for print) is that the ring on his forehead was due to his trouble drinking cold ones with his left hand. 


Team Conway looked like they were going to lose their hold of 1st place heading into Game 3 but what a game and series they ended up having.  They tied the league high handicap game of 949 set earlier by Team Lorenz and set the high handicap series with a 2625.  Their respective handicap series were Bob “Zoltar” Zangas (697), Mike Borough (626), Kent Steinbrueck (681) and Carl Lane (621).  Team Cowell rolled a 2520 handicap series, 40/game over average, and lost total by 105!  Hats off to the Conway gang.  We were led by Steve LaFara who had a great night with (226/200/192) 618 scratch – 678 handicap, and Matt Weiss who had a 661 handicap.


Nice job on attendance!  But next week let’s fill the house at Olivette Lanes!