Ralph Decker, Pres Bowling Leagues StL Rotary 2019-2020

Alleygations for Monday, January 20th, 2020.

As our country was honoring this day for Martin Luther King, our fellow Rotarian Matt Weiss also had a dream.   You see, Matt’s dream tonight was to bowl a perfect night of strikes and finish the evening with a 900 series.   His dream began with rolling a perfect strike in the first frame of game one.   It was a crushing blow to the pocket.   The normally reserved Rotarian Club #11 crowd was on its feet cheering for Matt as he left no dead wood on the deck.    His dream ended in the second frame, as he left the ten pin standing.  In fact, his dream was crushed because this would be the only strike Matt would roll the entire night!  Thanks to his great support team of Rotarian friends and a bucket of cold ones, his dream is still alive for another week!  Matt, we really appreciate your enthusiasm for this sport, and the fun times you bring each week.

Steve LaFara, your league high scratch series still stands at 685.    My third game was a 186 as I finished the evening with a 667 series.  I would take a 667 series any week!  You are a great sport my friend!  It’s the camaraderie and friendly competition that I enjoy the most each week.

To date, our league has played 54 games.   Our top three bowlers for most games played to date are Jon Soifer with 51 games, Pete Milne with 47 games, and Rose Cooper with 45 games.    It’s great to see some of our new second half bowlers having a good time.   Make sure you get to know Jennifer Krassinger and Matt Maddox.  They are new to the Rotary Club Bowling League.    Also, it’s great to see Mike Borough, Tim Lorenz, Adam McNutt, Bob Zangas, and Dan Scott bowling this second half.

Save this date…..Tuesday, April 21st…..bowling trip to Columbia, MO.   We will bowl three games against the Kansas City Rotary Club Bowling League.   A classic tradition between our two clubs dating back to 1926.


Ralph J. Decker
St. Louis Rotary Club #11 Bowling
League President



Steve LaFara at Olivette - Rotary Bowling League 2019-2020