It’s time for our annual 8th Grade Awards program.  We have a total of twelve students receiving an award this year.

The award is delivered and presented by a St. Louis Rotary Club member at the student’s promotion ceremony. The student and parent(s) are excited about the award and the scholarship!  

Each student receives a St. Louis Rotary 8th Grade Award for 2023, a gift card, and a scholarship from Webster University. 


The date, time and place for each is listed below.  Please sign up for one or more presentations! There are six (6)slots open today.

Please email me at or call  or text:  314-605-6333 with your selection. You may also sign up on Thursday at St. Louis Rotary Club lunch.


2023 8th Grade Awards Schedule Open Slots


May 23

10AM Lyon @ SLU Center for Global C. , 3672 West Pine, 63108

4:30PM AESM, 3021 Hickory St., 63104


May 24

9AM Compton-Drew @ SLU High School, 4970 Oakland

10AM Busch Middle, 5910 Clifton, 63109

10AM Gateway Middle @SLU Center for Global C, 3672 West Pine, 63108

7PM River Roads @ Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Theobold St,


I look forward to hearing from you!

Rose Cooper


8th grade awards
8th grade award-2