St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Alleygations for April 17, 2023 (final for 2022-23 Bowling Season)


Overall Champions for 2022-23 Team Lorenz


This was the final night of the 2022-2023 104th Rotary Bowling League.

Team Lorenz won the overall championship with a total handicap pin count of 2509.

Team Weiss was 2nd overall with 2417 handicap pin count.

Team Milne was 3rd overall with 2415 handicap pin count.

Team Soifer was 4th overall with 2360 handicap pin count.


It was a fun night with some great bowling by a few people:

Chris Wilson had his best night ever with a 719-handicap series.

Gary “Doc” Jones bowled a 203 scratch.

Ralph Decker bowled a 203 scratch as well.


The following day 18 of our bowlers went to Columbia to try to win back the Missouri Cup from the K.C. Rotary Club.  They were successful and brought home the cup, beating K.C. 18-3 in matches.



All in all a great successful week in St. Louis Rotary Bowling.  Please come join us next year as we compete in the 105th annual Club 11 Bowling League.

Submitted by

Doug Lorenz


Overall Season Winners - Team Lorenz

Overall Champions for 2022-23 Team Lorenz

Left to Right: Chris Wilson, Amy Lewis, Doug Lorenz, Matthew Maddox, Adam McNutt, Ralph Zuke
(not Pictured) Gary “Doc” Jones and Bob Garagiola

St. Louis Wins the 2023 Tournament!

Rotary Missouri Cup Winners 2023

Doug Lorenz Bowling Alleygations 4-17-23

Columbia Trip Pictures