Alleygations for 04-10-23 Bowling

Teams are set for the April 17 Roll Offs. Quarter 4 winner Team Weiss will join Quarter 1 winners Team Soifer, Quarter 2 Team Milne, and quarter 3 Team Lorenz.

Team Weiss beat Team Milne with Don Klackner’s strong 657 and Matt Weiss’ 623 series. Pete Milne’s paltry 582 undermined Carl Lane’s strong 647 and Bob Zangas’ 634 to determine the outcome.

If Team Milne had won by 4 points, Team Milne would have won, the fourth quarter and Team Conway would have made the Roll Offs based on most total pins. This shows how competitive our system is with 100% handicaps and in the Rotary spirit makes it fair and fun for all. So, no matter how good or bad a bowler you are, please join us next fall. You will have a good time and great fellowship.

In the other two matches Team Conway bested Team Soifer with Bill Piper having a nice 632 series and Team Lorenz with Gary Jones bowling a 650 and Amy Lewis a 627 bested Team Werner.

For the season, Rose Cooper has the highest Handicap Game at 293 with a Scratch 223. Don Klackner was second with a 286 Handicap Game and a Scratch 256. Dave Cowell had the highest Scratch Game with 266 and a Handicap Game of 281. Honorable mention goes to Rich Warriner with a Handicap Game of 277 and Scratch 209.

After the League Championship Roll Offs the next day on April 18, we board a chartered bus to Columbia, MO and bowl three games against our friends from the Kansas City Rotary Club #13 Bowling League. Our goal is to beat KC and bring back home to Club #11 the trophy. This annual bowling competition between our two club’s dates back to 1926.

We close out the season on April 24th with our traditional bowling league banquet at LoRusso’s Cantina Restaurant on The Hill.

Thank you for your commitment to participate in a tradition that began in 1926 between the St. Louis Rotary Club #11 Bowling League and the Kansas City Rotary Club #13 Bowling League. A tradition unlike any other!

Pete Milne

Pete Milne - Alleygations 4-10-23