Bowling Alleygations Week 22 | February 27, 2023 | Doug Lorenz


We had a good turnout this week as we begin the fourth quarter of the season.

In the first match we had Team Milne vs. Team Werner. Team Milne came out on top big time almost shutting out Team Werner (20-2). Not much to be said about that, I guess team Werner was out of gas after the 3rd quarter sprint to try and win. Carl Lane had a 199 game to be high scratch for the night with David Cowell right behind with a 192.

Team Weiss went up against Team Lorenz. The “one eyed” Legend was back this week and helped his team to a 16-6. There were only a few highlights. Gary “Doc” Jones bowled a 187 and was the only bowler on Team Lorenz to hit is average all three games. Jack “Man On” Windish shot a 198 game which helped them to an easy victory. Dan Scott also contributed with a 187 game.

The third match was Team Soifer against Team Conway. This match was the closest of the night with Team Conway coming out on top 14-8. John Soifer had a 660 handicap series on the night.

All in all it was a quiet night since Weiss was still in Hawaii. Next week half the league will be in Mesquite for the annual Rotary Golf Trip. Good bowling to everyone else next week as they hold down the fort.

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Doug Lorenz