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Bowling Alleygations Week 21 | February 20, 2023 | Ralph Decker


Alleygations Ralph Decker for 2/20/23

Ralph Decker

Wed, Feb 22, 8:21 AM (17 hours ago)

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Alleygations report for 02/20/2023 from Team Conway.

As our nation celebrated President’s Day, seventeen Rotarian bowlers showed up for the 3rd quarter position night.  This Monday evening began with a 3 point difference between Team Lorenz, Team Conway, and Team Werner.

Before I tell you who won the third quarter, let’s first give a standing ovation to Rose Cooper. With my thoughts of Neil Diamond singing, “Oh, Cracklin’ Rosie, get on board.”  Rosie was definitely on board this night!  Rose had her best game of her ROTARIAN bowling career with a high scratch game of 223.  She now leads the league with a handicap game of 293.  Rose averaged 154 a game for the night with a 464 scratch series, and 674 handicap series. Congratulations Rose on a great night of bowling!

Other high scratch game highlights were Gary Jones with his season best of 204.  David Cowell had a high game of 241.

How did we finish this third quarter?  Let me tell you.

Team Werner, led by Vic Difate, Terry Werner, and David Cowell were up against Team Soifer, led by Lily Michaels, Rose Cooper, and Ken Schuman.  Team Werner won 14 points to Team Soifer 8 points.

Team Lorenz, led by Matthew Maddox, Ralph Zuke, Chris Wilson, and Gary Jones CRUSHED Team Conway, led by Ralph Decker.  It’s hard to win when you have one bowler against four bowlers.  Matthew Maddox, Ralph Zuke, Chris Wilson, and Gary Jones all bowled well above their team average.  I heard they may be bowling for Team Budweiser in 2024.  Team Lorenz won 22 points to Team Conway 0 points.


The teams that win a quarter earn a spot to compete in the League Championship roll off on April 17th.