Bowling Alleygations Week 19 | February 6, 2023 | Matt Weiss


I have been bowlin 34 years in the first ever bowling league west of the Big 

Muddy Mississippi and some things just never change in this Rotary League.

      For the second week in a row no one fell down, peed their pants, or lost 

their dentures in the process of just trying to have a little fun!

       Did hear an echo from the past, believe it was Dan Naes, who shouted,

“It sure is a lot more fun when they all go down on the First Ball!” How true

that is but am sure he was referring to PINS!

       Drew Baebler created some excitement on lane 20 when the lefty tossed

his shot, so did he toss his wedding band. Should have seen the skirmish that

ensued trying to retrieve it. Looked like the Gold Rush of ’49!  Also, Drew 

missed the 2,5,6,9,and 10 pins, OR, some combination of the same!

       Richard Warriner has to wait for the rack to rise up before tossing his shot.

Interesting that he didn’t know of which shot attempt he hit the rack.

        And then we have Jon Soifer. In the 10th frame of game one he throws

his ball on the WRONG lane. After doing so, the Lorenz’s tell him to just

go and finish the frame and they will manually record his score. Looking 

down the alley, not knowing how many pins were down, looks up at a screen

that will not reveal the pins down, wrong alley, turns back to the Lorenz’s and

asks, “How many pins do I have down?” Cannot print the answers!

        It is very hard to fathom that there were more NEWSY SHUFFLES, than

strikes thrown, vs. the George Milne’s the whole third game?!? 

        Dee Baebler won the 50/50 of $46. Happy Valentine’s Day Dee!

       A huge round of applause rang out for Ralph Decker when he announced

that he DIDN’T have a joke when delivering the 50/50 ticket.

       Oh, I almost forgot there was bowling on the night. With only two weeks

left in the Third Quarter the top four spots in the standings are separated by

only six points.

        On Lanes 19-20

        The Werner’s bested the Weiss Guys 14-8, good for second place.

It was the Cowbells vs. the Klack show on the evening. Cowbells had 8 strikes

in a row from the end of the first game into the second having the high scratch

game, 225 and series, 595 besting the Klack’s 200 third game, 533 scratch series.

        Lanes 21-22 

        It was the Newsy shuffling, 659 hdcp. series and Ralph’s 548 scratch 

series that did in the George Milne’s 20-2 putting the Conway’s into First 


       Lanes 23-24 

        The Soifer’s pounded the Lorenz’s 20-2 moving the Lorenz’s into 

third place just 2 points ahead of the Soifer’s. Rosie Cooper, bowling 

against nephew Matthew Maddox, was heard saying that if Matthew 

bowled any more strikes she would only take him home halfway. Family


        Promises to be a FUN last two weeks in this 3rd quarter.

        Strikes & Spares,

        Matt Weiss