Bowling Alleygations | January 16, 2023

Bowling Alleygations Week 16

This week 23 bowlers competed seeking high scores with accompanying glory. Sadly, most went home disappointed but looking forward to next week. Those achieving some measure of glory included Chris Wilson with an astonishing 720 handicapped score; close behind was Ralph Zuke with 689; and David Cowell with 671 (achieved in part by a scratch game of 248).

The team scores were decidedly lopsided. The Milne team and the Lorenz team took 20 points, while Werner was not kind enough to leave the Soifer team with any evidence they had attended, winning 22 points. The overall standings did not change with Lorenz continuing to lead the pack, followed by Milne with the Werner team a close third.

The author attributes his miserable showing to the condition of lanes 19 and 20. Five of the eight bowlers on these lanes scored well below their average while the bowlers on lanes 17 and 18 were consistently posting scores of 200+. To be fair those bowlers were throwing harder with greater accuracy and drinking less so my criticism of the lanes may be too harsh (and the other three bowlers on 19 and 20 did quite well).

Week 16 was another week of great camaraderie and fun.

Respectfully submitted,
Carl Lane