Bowling Alleygations | December 19, 2022

The second quarter ended just like the first quarter with the Soifer team battling it out with the Milne team for first place! The Soifer team won 15-7 on the night forcing them into a virtual tie with Milne for the overall quarter. The handicap total pin tiebreaker had to be used and that favored the Milne team! So congratulations to the Milne’s for finishing 1st! Wow! What a great quarter for both teams. Now that they have both won a quarter perhaps the rest of us can have a chance to win! Matt Wilson from the Soifer team was out of his mind with a 193/160/181 for a 534/681 series! All four of the Soifer bowlers were over 600 – now that’s hard to beat.

The Conway/Werner team battled for third place which was retained by Conway despite getting blasted by a 16-6 score. Did I mention that they only had two bowlers? Vic DiFate and Dee Baebler each had a 638 series to lead the way for the Werner team. Nice bowling you two!

Bringing up the rear was the Weiss/Lorenz teams. Lorenz dominated Weiss with an 18-4 thrashing to jump into 5th place for the quarter! If Matt Wilson was out of his mind then Jack Windish was out of this world! Jack bowled a 161/153/203 for a 703 series! That 203 (65 pins above his average) was the high scratch game of the night barely edging out Werner and Cowell at 201 each. Bob Garagiola led the way for the Lorenz team with a 172/167/130 for a 679 series!

Other notable happenings on Monday:
– Vic bowled back to back strikes but only earned a spare and a strike due to his first ball landing in the gutter! Good comeback tho!
– Amy won the 50/50 for $48 but borrowed the money from her Mom to buy the tickets! Hmmmm.
– Bill “Pipes” Piper took a trip down the lane literally! Yep, he slipped and went down and luckily the only thing injured was his pride.
– David Cowell had 4 splits in his first game and still was able to score a 175. Now that is hard to do!
– The third quarter starts on 1/9/23 so enjoy the break and be safe.

Finally, words of wisdom from Bob Garagiola. Upon being congratulated on a good game he just smiled and said, “just enjoying the moment!” Those are words to live by especially during this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Spares and Strikes,