Bowling Alleygations | December 12, 2022

 Entering week 5 of the unusually short six week 2nd quarter the standings were
as follows:
The Soifer & Milne teams were tied for first place with each having 61 points.
The Conway & Werner teams were in a close battle for 3rd place with 49 & 44
points respectively.
And the Lorenz & Weiss Guys were in a battle for LAST place with 25 & 24 points.
An overflow crowd of bowlers gathered in pursuit of gaining position in their
attempt to win that coveted second quarter.
After the last gutter ball had been rolled for the night the standings were as follows:
The Milne’s edged into first place with 77 total points thumping the hapless Lorenz
team 16-6, pushing the Lorenz’s into last place.
The Soifer’s landed in 2nd place with 69 points after being “woman handled”
by the Weiss guys moving them into 5th place. Captain Soifer okayed his own
bench player Rosie Cooper to substitute for the short handed Weiss guys. Rosie’s
183, 676 hdcp. series helped do in the Soifer’s 14-8. John simply said, “We
have already won the 1st quarter”
The Conway’s steam rolled the Werner’s 16-6 despite Terry’s 554, 647
hdcp series, to leap into third place with 65 points and dropping the Werner’s
into 4th place with 50 points.
There was NOT one 200 game rolled on the night.
BUT, Drew Baebler picked a 1,3,9,10 ( can’t be called a split because of the
I pin) for a spare. How do you even leave that?
Bill Piper had a tough time with the 5 pin, missing it three times on the night
that I saw.
Mikey Regan rolled a gutter ball, still knocking down 3 pins in the process.
But the big story of the night was Coach, upon arriving at the airport for
a flight out to see the Army Navy football game with Mikey Regan, discovering
he had left his bag at home. He then had to fly out game day the next day.
There is an underwear story involving Coach that I will save for future
Terry Werner won the 50/50 of $54. Know a cool little place you can
spend that Terry!
Next week is Week 6 and roll off for the 2nd quarter. The Milne’s,
Soifer’s, and Conway’s all have a shot at winning it all.
It promises to be another fun filled night of Rotary bowling.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday’s to all.
Matt Weiss