Bowling Alleygations | December 5, 2022

This is the 3rd week of a 5 week quarter so things are shaking up a bit as the teams position for the roll off run. We had 23 out of a possible 24 bowlers, it was good to see high attendance this week. Matt Weiss celebrated winning the 50/50 this week (that’s about the only positive result for Team Weiss this night, see below).

Team Milne faced off against Team Conway and both teams had a full complement of bowlers. Team Milne prevailed winning 15 – 7. There were some notable individual efforts in this match. Ralph Decker bowled a 241 scratch and had a 623 scratch series. Kent Steinbrueck also joined the 200 club with a 201 scratch game for a 249 handicap game to lead the league this night.

Team Lorenz bowled against Team Soifer. Team Lorenz had “super sub” Rick Tinucci filling in for team captain Doug Lorenz who is still on the IR with a “lower body injury”. Might as well be as specific as NHL and NFL teams these days. Team Soifer was down one person but still managed to take two games and two matches on the night to gain a 14 – 8 victory. Amy Lewis had a strong third game to make sure Team Lorenz was not shutout on the night bowling a 229 handicap game.

Team Weiss took a thumping from Team Werner. Team Werner took all 22 points on the night. There were a bunch of strikes thrown in this matchup as David Cowell shot a 221 in the final game and Terry Werner shot a 204. Terry and David also scored high scratch series, David with 610 and Terry with 521. One other highlight in this matchup was Don “The Owner” Klackner picking up the 4-6-7 split and he also had a 203 scratch game. Matt said that the bowling almost wore him out so bad, he couldn’t drink his beer. Also, Vic Difate and Matt Weiss had a bowling ball dropping contest which managed to scare the heck out of everyone except Vic and Matt as they bowled right thru the distraction.
Looks like it is shaping up as a two horse race for winner of quarter number 2 between Team Soifer and Team Milne (again). They are tied at the top with 61 points. Teams Conway and Werner are firmly in 3rd and 4th spots with only a 5 point spread. Then there are teams Lorenz and Weiss who are one point apart battling for last place. Should be an interesting last couple of weeks.

Strikes and spares,
Doug Lorenz