Bowling Alleygations | November 28, 2022

I hope everyone had a great (and turkey filled) Thanksgiving. For those of you who were eagerly awaiting Team Lorenz’s musings (it is their week to do Alleygations) – they weren’t there. Apparently they were still recovering from Thanksgiving. Well, only Chris Wilson showed up from Team Lorenz (more on that below). So, with just one bowler, and so Chris could go home to his family earlier, in true Rotary fashion, I am doing them for Chris. Team Lorenz – you’re on for Alleygations next week.

Chris was awarded for being the lone bowler for his team – he won the 50/50 for the THIRD time this year. Is anyone else that lucky on the 50/50?

Turning to this week’s games and match-ups:

It was a short night on lanes 15/16 where Teams Werner and Lorenz were bowling. Chris was the sole bowler for Team Lorenz, and Team Werner only had 3 bowlers – Dee & Drew Baebler and Terry Werner. To say the least, it was a short night. They were done by 7:30. Terry, however, couldn’t tear himself away from the lanes and stuck around for a while. Curiously, in the first game, Chris bowled a 190 handicapped game (just like his absent team mates). Maybe Chris should have stayed home (but then Team Werner would have gotten all 22 points). In the end, Chris had a great night (bowing well over average). He held Team Werner at bay, and managed to take 7 points from Team Werner.

It was Teams Conway and Weiss on Lanes 17/18. The Weiss guys were very consistent in the first two games. They bowled a 767 (handicapped) in both games. They did better in the third game, but still lost 16 points to Team Conway. Of course, they were battling Dan Conway, who had a 218 (scratch) in Game 2, and Ralph Decker, who had 213 and 199 (scratch) in Games 1 and 2. That’s some tough competition. Dan had some luck, and managed to pick up a 5-7-10 split. Bill Piper had the same split, but wasn’t quite as lucky.

Finally, Teams Soifer and Milne were bowling on Lanes 19/20. The first game was a nail biter – Team Soifer won by 6 points. The Milne bowlers were doing well. Carl Lane had a 181 (scratch) in Game 1 and Don Fuller had a 170 in Game 2. However, Team Soifer was buoyed by Rose Cooper and Lily Michaels. They carried Team Soifer to an 18-4 victory. In their honor, Team Soifer has been renamed to Team LilyRose (which sounds nicer in any event).

Next week, the matchups are as follows:
Milne v. Conway
Soifer/LilyRose v. Lorenz
Werner v. Weiss

See you all Monday!

Jon Soifer