Bowling Alleygations | Week 8 ~ November 7, 2022

The 1st quarter has come to an end and the first place finisher is the Soifer team! Congratulations to them for a great come from behind victory over the Milne team. Pete Milne bought a new ball and paid $100 to recruit Bob Zangas to come back but to no avail. Don “the owner” Klackner led all bowlers with a 214 game and Rose Cooper bowled a strong 161 to help the Soifer team to victory.

The Lorenz team beat the Weiss team to finish in third place and the Conway team placed fourth by manhandling the Werner team. The good news for those that didn’t finish in first place is that we start over next Monday with the beginning of the second quarter! YAY!

Some additional observations on the night:
1. Don Klackner picked a 6,7,10 split! That just means he had a really bad first shot to leave those pins standing.
2. Terry Werner almost picked a 4,7,10 split. That just means that he had two really bad shots to leave those pins standing.
3. Jack Windish bowled a 300!!! (but it was for two games)
4. Lily Michaels bowled a 157 which was 37 pins above her average!
5. Pete Milne bowled a 176 which was 42 pins above his average!

Strikes and Spares,