First and foremost, we thank all our military veterans on this 2019 Veterans day which also happens to be night 10 of the 101st Rotary Bowling League.  Besides celebrating our veterans, Terry Werner was celebrating the birth of his first grandchild (baby boy).  Colby Thomas Dunn was born last Thursday, congratulations Grandpa Terry welcome to grandparenthood.

We had 19 die hard and brave bowlers show up Monday evening, despite the horrible traffic and weather.  Several bowlers arrived late and many of us only threw one or two practice balls (setting up excuses for poor bowling in first game).  Meanwhile, while we were suffering through the coldest record breaking cold of the year thus far, several of our bowlers were basking in the 85 degree weather of Palm Springs CA playing golf.  Weiss, Windish, LaFara, Critzas, Conner and Guilfoy wimped out of the cold weather and then rubbed it in by us sending pictures.  It did warm us up a little, pars and birdies guys.


bowlers golfing in palm springs, ca
bowlers enjoying time in Palm Springs, CA
to bowl or not to bowl - what a stupid question
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But let’s get to the bowling:


Team Decker (down 2 bowlers on the night) bowled Team Cooper (full team).  Team Decker managed an 857 in one game and still LOST!!  That’s a rough night for sure with only 2 bowlers.  Team Cooper beat them 18-4 on the night.  Ralph Decker did have a 212 scratch game and Dave Wicks had a 205 scratch game and a 678 handicap series a good night of bowling for Dave.  Terry Werner had a 634 handicap series.


Team Lorenz took on Team Conway and lost 2 of 3 games in what can only be described as a battle of survival.  Neither team bowled particularly well but Team Conway handily defeated Team Lorenz 14 – 8.  Kent Steinbrueck had a good night with a 678 handicap series.  Team Conway was down one bowler.  Katie LaMarsh had a 602 handicap series and Don Klackner bowled a 211 scratch game.  This win put Team Conway in first place for Q2.


Team Cowell took on the first quarter champs Team Soifer.  Safe to say that Vic Difate was a one-man wrecking crew (633 handicap series) for Team Cowell with 3 strong games.  Both Team Cowell and Team Soifer were down one bowler each.  Team Soifer won the night 15 – 5 and John Soifer won the 50/50 drawing as well.  A good night for Team Soifer as they are only one point out of first place again in Q2.


Hopefully next week the weather will be much better.