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People of Action ~ Scouting for Food Collection 11-16-19

People of Action ~ St Louis Rotary Volunteers Sorting food from Scouting for Food Collection on 11-16-2019  22 Volunteers St Louis Rotary Club

We are People of Action! Twenty-two St Louis Rotary Club members, family and friends volunteered sorting food donations for Scouting for Food on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at Firehouse #36.

Thank you: Bob Zangas, Bob Garagiola, Isabella Lewis, Thierry Lüthi Thierry, Bill Cooper, Rose Cooper, Bob Sherrill, Bob Hesley, Don Klackner, Mike Mosella, Andrea Mosella, Doug Lorenz, Don Lorenz, Michele Goad, Phil Hesley, Steve Rosenblum, Terry Werner, Nick Werner, Kent Steinbrueck, Tom Keeline, Pete Milne, and Mike Borough.

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