Bowling Alleygations | Week 7 ~ October 24, 2022

 Alleygations from Monday the 24th


     “Will someone grab the microphone from Ralph” came a shout out from

the crowd on this lovely 7th week of Rotary bowling. Ralph was certainly in the

spirit of Halloween, reciting a few of his favorite jokes!

      ” Where do ghosts like to swim?”  Lake Erie!

       “What do ghosts call their parents?”  Transparent!

       “Why do ghosts make good bowlers.” Their balls are Hallow!

        When trick or treating Ralph We sure hope your bag gets full of candy 

on your romp through the neighborhood telling your Favs!

        Now to do action with teams jockeying for position for the all important

roll off on Week 8. 

        On Lanes 15-16 the Soifer’s jumped into second place by knocking down

to third place, the Lorenz bunch by a 16-6 margin. Leading the way for the 

Soifer’s were Rose Cooper’s 640 hdcp. series and Captain John’s 652 hdcp.

series. The Lorenzo’s had nice hdcp. series from Amy Lewis 650, and Chris

Wilson’s 623.

       On Lanes 17-18 the Weiss guys put a big hurt on the Terry Werner’s

winning 19-3 led by Regan’s 615 and Weiss’s 605 hdcp. series. But the real 

fireworks occurred by the anchors on these two teams. Don “Klack” and

David “Cowbells” squared off in a dramatic game THREE, matching spares 

and strikes frame by frame, bullying each other with electrifying precision 

bowling and in your face hahas. The Klack came out on top beating Cowbells

258-226. Klack ended up with 623 scratch, 671 hdcp. series but the Cowbells 

took the 2 individual points having a 233, 226, 648 scratch, 720 hdcp. series.

This was certainly fun to watch that battle.

       Over on Lanes 19-20 the George Milne’s ( love calling Pete by his real name)

sneaked by the Conway’s 14-8 keeping them in first place. The Milne’s were led

by Carl ( I’m not a street) Lane’s 615 hdcp. & Tinnuch’s 608 hdcp. series. The 

Conway’s had great night from Ralph’s 218, 224, 567 scratch series and Newsie’s 

620 hdcp. series.

       Mikey Regan won the $51 50/50 pot but not without controversy. It

          appears Jon Soifer also had the winning ticket. To Jon’s defense he said

          he could not hear the number clearly over Ralph’s continuous banter. We

         were all hoping for some kind of lawyer arm wrestling or, choosing which

         of these two barristers needed the cash more??

                  All have a Great Halloween!

                 As I write this it appears that 1st Quarter Roll off will occur on Nov. 7th.       

         October 31st bowling has been cancelled for sure.        

         Strikes & Spares,

          Matt Weiss