Bowling Alleygations | Week 6 ~ October 17, 2022


Week 6 – October 17, 2022

By Jonathan Soifer


Let me start off by saying that after being gone for 2+ years, its great to be back.  It’s even worth hearing Ralph’s jokes. For those who missed it (and have been waiting to know what it was), Ralph said he asked Don Klackner, “Where do your old bowling balls end up?  The answer: “in the gutter!”.  How Ralph asked Don this on Monday is a mystery – as Don wasn’t at the alley Monday night!


Throughout the evening, there were moments of excitement.  Matt Weiss picked up a heard 4-2-1-10 split.  Dee Baebler (pictured below) bowled her highest game yet – 138.  Congratulations Dee!  Down in Lanes 15 & 16, the math wizards were determining how many games Bob – Newsy – Barnes may have bowled in his 58 years on the league.  At 3 games per week for 31 weeks for 58 years, Bob may have bowled 5394 games.  That adds up to a lot of strikes.  Congratulations Bob!


Chris Wilson won the 50/50 – breaking Ralph Decker’s 2-week streak.


The bowling gods continued to prove their fickleness.  In lanes 15 &16, where Teams Conway and Werner were bowing, 6 of the 8 bowlers were above average, with 5 of those 6 (Bob Barnes, Bob Kocher, Dan Conway, and Vic Difate) being well above average for the night  And Team Conway had a 904 (handicap) in Game 2. For some high (scratch) scores, Dan Conway bowled a 190, Ralph (the Jokester) Decker bowled a 218, and Terry Werner bowled a 205. Although Teams Conway and Werner were both bowling well, Team Conway managed to bowl a little better than Team Werner, and they split the points 12-10.


The bowling gods were not as nice on lanes 17 & 18 (Milne/Lorenz) or 18 & 19 (Weiss/Soifer).  On lanes 17/18 only one bowler bowled over average. Congratulations to Chris Wilson.  On lanes 19/20, four bowlers bowled over average, but two were just over average. Mat Weiss did pick up the difficult split noted above and bowled an impressive 194 in Game 2, but Jack Windish was plagued with splits (4 in a row).  In the end, Team Lorenz beat Team Milne 16-6, and Team Weiss beat Team Soifer 18-4.  


Despite the fickleness of the bowling gods (or the oil on the lanes), I look forward to seeing you all Monday when we all hope to get more strikes.