St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Bowling Alleygations | Week 3 ~ September 26, 2022

This past Monday’s bowling finished the 3rd week of the season.  On lanes 15 and 16, Team Weiss and Team Conway did battle.  Don Klackner had a great night of bowling and rolled a 256 scratch game and ended up with a 686 handicapped series!  Dan Conway was still banking on a large handicapped from bowling poorly the first night and was able to offset most of Don Klackner’s margin with a 684 handicapped series.  Both teams had three bowlers with 600 plus handicapped series with Mike Regan bowling a 641 and Jack Windish bowling a 611 handicapped series for Team Weiss.  However, Bob Kocher took the wrong medication before coming out and picked up steam and bowled a 666 handicapped series.  Doug Lorenz was on loan and lit up the score board with a 667 handicapped series.  Team Conway ended up taking 14 of 22 points.    

On Lanes 17 and 18, Team Werner took on Team Lorenz.  A very competitive match with Team Lorenz taking 12 of the 22 points.  Chris Wilson bowled a 673 handicapped series and Bob Garagiola bowled a 663 handicapped series.  Team Werner had three bowlers with 600 plus handicapped series with Terry Werner bowling a 657, David Cowell bowling a 641, and Drew Baebler bowling a 617.  Team Werner won the first game and total pins but Team Lorenz won both the second and third games.  Great bowling guys!  

On lanes 19 and 20, Team Soifer put their game face on and blew away team Milne.  Team Soifer won all three games and total pins by around 150 pins.  It helps when your team has three 600 plus handicapped series bowlers, and the other team has none.  Definitely an off night for Team Milne.  Rose Cooper threw a 648 handicapped series along with Ken Schuman throwing a 613 and Lily Michaels threw a 609.

After three weeks Team Conway moved up from last to being tied for first.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday October 3rd.  

Dan Conway