St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Bowling Alleygations | Week 1 ~ September 12, 2022 
The 103rd edition of the St. Louis Rotary Bowling League commenced on
Monday September 12th at the spotlessly clean Olivette Lanes. Bowling by 
the 24 Rotarians followed the singing of God Bless America, led by our own
Ralph Decker. Please keep to the terry cloth selling Ralph!

One new Rotarian bowler, Dee Baebler and two old veteran bowlers returned
to the lanes, David “Cowbell’s” Cowell and Jon Soifer. Welcome!

Now onto the action, or lack thereof,
On Lanes 15-16 the Werner Bunch led by Ralph’s 242, 639 scratch series
hammered the Weiss Guys 20-2. One can only wonder how the Weiss Guys, with
the 2nd High scratch team game and First in team scratch series end up with
only 2 points on the night? It is a HANDICAP LEAGUE dumbo!

On 17-18 the “George” Milne Pete team, led by Don Fuller’s 246 hdcp game
and 668 hdcp series, (see, the handicap league thingie again), and Rick
Tinucci’s 506 scratch series, handled the Conway’s 20-2.
That puts the Milne’s and Werner’s in a tie for 1st place after week one.

On Lanes 19-20 the Lorenz’s and Soifer’s battled it out in a very close
match with the Lorenz’s prevailing 12-10.

Our resident 86 year old Bob Barnes was in the house bowling in his
59th year of Rotary Bowling. Still doing the “Newsy Shuffle”

Rick Tinucci won the $52 50/50 jack pot.

See you all next time,
Strikes & Spares,
Matt Weiss