St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

meadowbrook country club golf outing 8-24-22

Rotary Golf League- Meadowbrook CC-August 24th

A season-high attendance of 27 golfers challenged Meadowbrook Country Club on August 24th.

Our host was Mr. John Gazzoli, formerly a Club 11 member, who was partnered with Msgr. Jay Ryan, a former Club 11 President. Also joining us for dinner was Mr. Jerry Regan, father of Mike Regan. Great to see you Jerry!

Meadowbrook received accolades for their excellent showers. Water seems to be coming at you from everywhere, not unlike a couple of the holes on this challenging layout.

After enjoying an outstanding barbecue buffet served by the excellent Meadowbrook staff,  the handicap committee retired to the veranda for post-dinner drinks, cigars, and a critique of the play that day.

Winners and highlights for this outing were:


Closest to the pin hole #13:  

1st place: Rick Tinucci 33‘4“   

2nd place: Ken Schuman 61’    

3rd place:  Jim “Feel the Burn” Bernardini 62‘4“. 

And your assumption is correct; no one made their putts. There was, however, much disgruntled talk during the meal about possibly lynching the individual who picked #13 as the closest to the pin hole. Live with it…. 

Longest drive 67 and under: (Big surprise) Derrick Wendling.  

Longest drive 68 and over: Bob Garagiola. Well struck Bob!

Individual winners: 

B flight 

1st place: Adam McNutt 97/68

2nd place: Bob Garagiola 97/72. 

3rd place: Wade Westrich 106/73.

A flight

1st place: Cris Conner 85/67 (also low overall net score for the day)

2nd place: Terry Werner 91/70. 

3rd place:  Earl Poe 95/71.

Championship flight

1st place: Jim Bernardini 84/71

2nd place: Mike Regan 82/72

3rd place:  Flip Cady 83/74

Team winners: 

In First place, with a highly scrutinized and dubious score of 122, earning them $15 each, the team of Cady/Weiss/Doug Lorenz/Garagiola 

Second place, posting a 123 (and increasing their net worth by $10 each) was the team of Werner/Conner/Ryan/blind draw Weiss.

In Third place, carding a 126, was the team of Regan/Webster/Tinucci/blind draw  Wendling. These guys pocketed five dollars each.

Our next outing will be at Bogey Hills Country Club on Tuesday, September 13th.

Cris Conner