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St. Louis Rotary Bowling Banquet News 04/25/22 | Ralph Decker

Ralph Decker awarded George Fliehman Trophy 2021-2022 Season
Last night was fun. Thank you for “Rolling” with me. I was so honored to be selected and presented by Terry Werner for the George Fliehman Fellowship award. What I love about Rotary and our bowling league, is that I truly believe there is a destiny that makes us family. No one goes their way alone. For what we place into the lives of others, comes back into our own!
Ralph Decker, Bowling League President
Ralph Decker
President, St. Louis Rotary Bowling League


We closed out the season with our traditional bowling league banquet at LoRusso’s Cucina Restaurant on The Hill.   Great appetizers, dinner, and priceless fellowship!  Thank You Matt Weiss for organizing our banquet. 


Big thanks to Don Klackner and his staff at Olivette Lanes, our team captains and bowling league board members, Matt Weiss, Kent Steinbrueck, and Jack Windish!   A special thanks to Rose Copper, for your weekly publish of Alleygations.


Bowlers….Have a great summer.

2022-2023 begins on September 12th, 2022.


Ralph Decker

St. Louis Rotary Club #11 Bowling

League President


St. Louis Rotary Bowling League 103rd Season Championship Teams

Now let’s talk about our bowling trip to Columbia, MO

This was Bob Barnes 55th Bowling Trip to bowl against Kansas City Club!!!

 Did we build goodwill and better friendships? YES.  Did we have a great time?  YES.


How about Matthew Maddox and the music we had on the bus ride!!!  Amy Lewis, Lily Michaels, Chris Wilson, and Rose Cooper…you danced like you were on SOUL TRAIN. Pete Milne….YOU ROCK!  Matthew Maddox, we need new speaker system.  You also ROCK!  Did Chris Wilson have a good time?  I think so.


This was our 94th Bowling competition against our friends from Kansas City Rotary Club #13 Bowling League.  We had our 20 bowlers against their 20 bowlers.  5 teams of 4 bowlers on each team, and with 15 games at play, we lost 9-6. We were close. But did we have FUN! Our bus driver, Henry got us their safe and back home. Thanks to Ashley Tooley we had some fabulous Bloody Mary’s. Lunch at Murry’s and Dinner at Broadway Brewery was fabulous. The friendly competition at AMF Town & Country Lanes was also great. It was nice to have the entire bowling alley to ourselves. And ALBERT PUJOLS even joined us! Even though we lost and did not bring back home the trophy, …..the closing remarks by Tim Tholen, (Kansas City Rotary Club #13 Bowling League President) said it best about of the love and commitment we all share for Rotary. The service above self and the friendships we make by taking a day off and bowl three games against each other. It’s priceless. A great tradition between our two clubs that first began in 1926.


It’s been an honor and privilege to serve as your league bowling President this 103rd season.



Strikes and Spares,


Ralph J. Decker