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Bowling Alleygations - Week 22 | February 14, 2022 | Curt Linton

Bowling Alleygations Curt Linton Week 22

Alleygations 02/14/22


Let’s start off nice.  Terry Werner knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day and also not miss bowling.  He brought his wife Laurie and his mom.  Terry’s mom is 105 plus years old! I would have doubted that, but trust that Terry was telling the truth.  To help mom celebrate 22 Rotarians bought an extra 50/50 ticket for her.  That was nice.  Oh, by the way she won $70!  Also nice Buzz Gerber and wife spent the early evening at the alley.  You just can’t beat dinner at Olivette Lanes on Valentine’s Day. 

Vic DiFate was the only bowler to bowl as a blind.  It helped as Team DiFate held on to finish as 3rd quarter winner.   Team Linton jumped to the number 2 spot ahead of Team Barnes. Seems like we are always the “bridesmaid”.

Joan Hecker, bowled a 663 Series! She has a new ball bought from Don Klackner.  I wonder if I am ready for a new ball.

All the ladies rolled over 600 series.  Notables: Scratch Games Decker 228, Lorenz Don 226, Lehmkuhl 222.  Handicap Series: McNutt 713, Don Lorenz 694, Werner 684, Steinbrueck 661.


One other thing:  Matt Weiss drank some beer.


 Curt Linton