St Louis Rotary Bowling Alleygations ~ Doug Lorenz

Doug Lorenz at Olivette Lanes

This was night 4 of the 101st Rotary bowling season.  The highlight tonight (at least for one person) is that it was Jack Windish’s birthday.  He celebrated by bowling and helping team Lorenz to their best night of the season (more about that later).


In week 4 the two basement dweller teams (Lorenz and Cowell) faced off to see who the worst team is really.  As it turned out Team Lorenz took 20 points from Team Cowell so the previous question was answered.  Team Cowell celebrated the return of the “legend” Don Lorenz who had been out traveling the country for the first 3 weeks.  While Don hit his average all 3 games it was not enough to boost the team over the top.  In the very first frame team Cowell hung Prez Garagiola with a beer frame to get his night started.  The overall basement match was extremely close with two games decided by less than 4 pins.  A fun night was had by both teams.


Team Decker faced off with Team Conway. Team Conway came out on top of that match 14 to 8.  Captain Decker was heard to comment that the only difference between Doc Jones and the Cardinals Jack Flaherty is that that Flaherty can throw strikes (must have been a rough night).


Team Cooper faced team Soifer in the third match of the night.  Team Cooper started the night in first place with Soifer right behind.  When the night ended, team Cooper still retained the league lead but only by 2 points.  Team Soifer won the match 14-8 to draw closer to the top.


Some comments overheard on the night:

Jack Windish said Team Lorenz would do better if the team captain would provide some leadership and bowl his average. (Hey I was standing right there, but it must have worked, I recovered and bowled better.  Thanks for the pep talk Jack).

Matt Weiss almost turned bowling into a contact sport when he fell over into Blake Critzas’s lane and almost took Blake out.


Next week we do it all over again and will most definitely have a great time.


Notable games:

Blake Critzas with a 212 game (and 543 series)

Don Klackner with a 208 game (and 574 series)

David Cowell with a 206 (and 553 series)