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Bowling Alleygations - Week 16 | January 3, 2022 | Bill Piper

 Alleygations for January 3, 2022

We few, we happy few.  We krewe of keglers. (apologies to W. Shakespeare)

It was a happy and reduced bunch of Rotarians on lanes 17-24 of Olivette Lanes this first Monday of the new year.  Maybe it was the variant.  Maybe it was the cold.  Maybe it was a matter of belated recovery from Friday night.  No matter – though there were five spots open on various teams and President Jack persisted in his claim of an injury preventing his participation (though 12 oz. curls were possible), on we went.

It was a night of extremes for the start of the third quarter.  Team Linton has sprung out to an early lead, taking all 20 possible points from Team Lane.  Adam McNutt led the way with a series score of 677 against Carl Lane’s 653 and no one on Team Linton scored below 636, that being the proprietor of the facility.  Team di Fate is close behind at 19, featuring the eponymous Vic’s 701.  This is followed by Gary Jones’ single-handed 17-point performance, with the high series of the night (712) more than compensating for two absences.  In fourth place came Team Maddox, who outdid Team Decker 16-4.

On the scratch side of things, Gary Jones had two 200+ games, as did Leonard Lemkuhl.  Curt Linton, Steve LaFara and Don Klackner all had single game scores over 200.  

And on the odd side of things, Ken Schuman had an all-spares game going for 8 frames before losing it (no, not with a strike), Lily Michaels picked a ridiculous 4-7-10 split and yours truly finally scored over 100 scratch in each game.

Respectfully submitted,