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Bowling Alleygations - Week 15 | December 20, 2021 | Don Lorenz

Bowling Alleygations Week 15 | December 20, 2021

It has been a long time since I have been assigned the arduous task of documenting a night of Club 11 Rotary Bowling.  Most Rotarians that do not bowl and even some that do, do not know how difficult it is to document a truly historical or hysterical evening.  Trying to bowl for yourself and keep up with all the crazy and funny things Rotarians do thru the evening is truly exhausting.  Do you know how hard it is to bowl with tears of laughter distorting your view of the pins all night?  The following are just excerpts from December 20, 2021 2nd quarter roll off!

Anyone that has never seen Matt (Buddah) Weiss walk off a strike, spare or just a flat-out miss is truly missing the most entertaining event you would ever witness. (hysterical) Last night he covered two lanes and ran into the wall.  We figured he would have needed 4 more lanes to come to a complete stop!!

 Watching Bob Barnes doing the after-strike Newsie shuffle! (historical). Unfortunately Bob (Newsie) was not in attendance last night spending some holiday time with family.  His absence is the reason I am doing this recap!

So getting down to the some of the items of the evening that need to be highlighted. 

There were three teams that mathematically could have ended up tied for 2nd quarter first place.  Team Conway, Team Maddox and Team Linton all could have finished with 90 points for the quarter.  So while bowling for team Barnes (last place finishers for two consecutive quarters)  I continually had to stroll down to see who might be victorious.  After the first game even though Captain Conway declared victory for the quarter, I could not definitively declare them the victors since Captain Conway failed in recording all the scores on the supplied score sheet.  Come on Dan, as captain you have one job!!  So then after the second game he actually recorded both games scores successfully and we were able to truly declare a victor.  Congratulations Team Conway!  Team consisting of Chris Wilson, Dan and Jeanine Joan Hecker and Mike Regan.

A few other events that I noticed Team Linton gathering around the score machine trying to figure out since Bob Kocher and Don Klackner bowled on the wrong lanes how to fix things back in order.  Come on guys, you follow the same person all night long! Really!!!!

Pete Milne asked Terry Werner to bowl for him.  So Terry gets all warmed up, Pete shows up and bowls, leaving Terry on the outside looking in!

Lily Michaels won a whopping $65 in the 50/50 drawing!!  Congratulations, biggest pot of the year.  Guess you can’t buy the pot, right Buddah?

So as you can see it is tough to write history and bowl at the same time. Especially trying to keep up with cold ones!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Don Lorenz