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Bowling Alleygations - Week 14 | December 13, 2021 | Curt Linton

Bowling Alleygations Week 14 | December 13, 2021

Alleygations 12/13/2021

It seemed pretty quiet this week except when Matt Weiss was yelling at Lily Michaels.  Jack Windish has now become a visitor.  Matt likes to visit with Jack, but would rather have him bowling.

I have something serious to discuss.  Last week Joan Hecker mentioned how the bowling league has embraced her.  Guys, please be careful embracing.  The Rotary Club is not exempt from Harassment Claims.

Looks like Team Conway is going to run away with the 2nd Quarter Championship, however, there is a very slim chance that three teams could end up tied for 1st. This could have been a bigger chance had Team Decker won SOME points last week.  

Individual bowling honors for the week:  Klackner, Amy Lewis, Kocher, Werner, LaFara.    Klackner and Kocher lead team Linton to all team categories honors for the week.

Coming up the end of the quarter, a week off for Christmas.  We say thank you and so long to 1st half bowlers and welcome in 2nd half bowlers on January 3rd.  

I could say Happy Holidays, but I won’t.  Merry Christmas!
Curt Linton

Olivette Lanes ~ December 13, 2021

Curt Linton - Bowling Alleygations 12-13-21

Curt Linton, Bowling Alleygations 12-13-21

Team Linton: Captain Curt Linton, Team Members: Blake Critzas, Don Klackner, Bob Kocher