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Bowling Alleygations - Week 13 | December 6, 2021 | Joan Hecker

Bowling Alleygations Week 13

2021, December 6 Joan (Joanie) Hecker – Team Conway

Bowler Ramblings

Wow! Another, great week of bowling with Rotarians and guests (more like friends and family). I joined the group with hesitation as an outsider and was embraced with kindness and acceptance immediately! Wonderful group of people always full of laughter and fun stories!  The experience has been invaluable. 

This week Team Conway is in 1st place, followed closely by Team Decker then Team Maddox.  

Congrats on the Men’s high scratch games: 237 Leonard Lehmkuhl, 218, and 204 Ralph Decker. And congrats to all the Women of the night too for their Scratch games: 138 Lily Michaels, Amy Lewis 132, and 122 Joan Hecker.

Fact: Did you know that this Rotary Bowling league is the longest running league at 100 plus years? 

A special shoot out goes to Olivette Lanes Don Klackner and his amazing staff (especially Ashley…she is truly a gem). I am truly impressed with the group and their generosity to the Rotary Bowling League. 

Always grateful!

Olivette Lanes ~ December 6, 2021