St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

The Kaufman Fund  I wanted to thank our St Louis Rotary Club 11 on behalf of The Kaufman Fund for your support for our Veteran Warmup. We so much appreciate the help and support that Rotary gives us. We had a great event this year at St Patrick Center on Veterans Day. We were able to give 150 homeless Veterans brand new winter coats, gloves, hats, socks and toiletries to help get them through the winter months of December through February or March. Many of these Veterans would struggle without these supplies. Our partner, St Patrick Center identifies the Veterans that are in need and with the sponsorship of Club 11 helping to purchase the supplies, we can make a difference in the lives of many Veterans this winter. I have attached some pictures from the event that we are happy to have you share to our membership and co chairs on the committee. Bob Zangas attended which was nice and he was able to see the impact of this program. 

         We could not do as much without the contributing sponsorship of the St Louis Rotary Club 11 and we are proud to be able to honor those that have served.


                                            Steve Rosenblum