St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Bowling Alleygations - Week 11 | November 22, 2021 | Don Fuller (Team DiFate)

Olivette Lanes was buzzing with activity as each team had a full compliment of bowlers. The quarterly team rankings have the Conway team in first place followed by Maddox, Decker and Linton, etc. However, they were not the best performing of the evening. Those accolades go to the Linton team with 16 points, the DiFate and Linton teams with 14 points and the Conway and Lehmkuhl teams with 10 points each.

Some notable scores were made by individual bowlers. Don Klackner racked up 224 points in the third game. His teammate, Blake Critzas rolled a 202 first game and a 200 second game with team Linton high honors for the evening.

Don Lorenz, the anchor for the Barnes team rolled 5 strikes in a row contributing to his 214 first game. Team captain Bob Barnes had several opportunities to display the “Barnes Shuffle” following his strikes. Always an entertaining display. Way to go Newsy!

Other over 200 bowlers were Carl Lane and Steve LaFara.

Another interesting stat is the point over average by bowlers. The top male bowlers were Vic DiFate with a plus 88, Steve LaFara’s plus 65 followed by Don Klackner’55 and Carl Lane’s 50. The top female bowlers were Lily Michaels with 32, Rose Cooper at 26, lily Michaels 21 and Amy Lewis’ 13.
One highlight was Matt Weiss picking a very difficult 7-9 split. It wasn’t the Barnes Shuffle but he was happily dancing the event.

The 50/50 pot was won by, hold your breath, Don Klackner. This makes Don a multiple winner of the drawing. Of course, we all win from our experience at Don’s great bowling alley.

See you all next Monday evening.