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Bowling Alleygations Week 9 ~ November 8, 2021 | Carl Lane

Bowling Alleygations Week 9
November 8, 2021 Carl Lane

The new quarter started in a familiar fashion as Team
Decker won all 20 points by trouncing the Barnes
Team. Bob Barnes and Tom Keeline gave it their best
shot but fell far short of dethroning the highflying
Decker Team.

All three bowlers on the Maddox Team did very well on
the notorious lanes 23 and 24, led by Lily Michaels with
a 641 total. She and Amy Lewis went head to head with
Lily winning by only 5 pins. Matt and Ken Schuman
scored when needed and Team Maddox beat Team
Lane by 14 to 6. One bright spot on the evening for the
Lane Team was Steve LaFara converting the 6 – 7 split.

Blake Critzas continued to shine with a high game of
230 and a 630 series. Even so, his Linton Team only
scored 6 points against the Conway Team with all three
members of the Conway Team exceeding their average.

Leading scorer of the evening was Leonard Lehmkuhl
(who else) who rolled a 262 and a 692 scratch series.
His team was short one bowler and managed to win
only 13 points against the Difate Team which was short
two bowlers. Vic Difate rolled a 631 series. Since only
three bowlers were present for this match, their three
games ended while the other contests were only midway through the second game.

Want to encourage all bowlers to show up. With more
participants some of us who performed woefully may
not be so noticeable.
Respectfully, Carl Lan

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