St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Matthew Wilson | Veteran of Achievement Award

Matthew Wilson, Veterans Day Parade Downtown St. Louis November 6, 2021  After graduation from Kirkwood High School, Matthew Wilson enlisted into the United States Marine Corp.
  He did a six-year tour finishing with reserve duty, starting as a radio and wireman and transferring to tactical air control. He also acquired the rank of Sergeant or an E4.
  In 2014, he developed the Lifewaters group, a non-for-profit 501(c)3 diving group designed to help veterans and first responders that have become disabled.

  This program works by helping the amputees go pain-free after diving, helping them realize they are capable of functioning in society without feeling inhibited by their injury. They create new friendships with others experiencing the same issues. Over the past years, merged with another 501(c)3 called Handicapable Fishing.
  He has been a Member of the Missouri Athletic Club for over 35 years, and the St. Louis Rotary Club for 28 years.