St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Bowling Alleygations Week 8 ~ November 1, 2021 | Carl Lane


Week 8 Bowling Alleygations | Monday 11-1-21 ~ Carl Lane

Congratulations are in order to Team Decker (Bill Piper missed this contest) after a resounding triumph over the Lehmkuhl Team, 14-6.

 The 279 rolled by Ralph stands out and he only missed 300 by everyone’s nemesis, the 7 pin.  During this same game Ralph and Leonard were going head to head with each recording strikes for the first seven frames.

On the other end of the spectrum, Teams Lane and Linton battled for last place.  Blake Critzas was so sure of victory his mind wandered during the first game rolling 137.  After a loss to the Lane Team he settled down and finished with respectable scores of 207 and 229, thereby upholding his lofty average.  Amy Lewis rolled a career high of 109 after converting a difficult spare in the tenth.  The outcome of this epic battle for last place demonstrated the ineptitude of both teams as they settled for a 10/10 draw.

Interestingly, team scores 14 to 6 and 10 to 10 were registered twice tonight.  Besides the battle for first and last place, the other contests were of little consequence and deserve few comments.  But individual performances need to be cited.  Pete Milne, Tom Keeline, Jeanine Conway, Ken Schuman and Matt Weiss all rolled at least 25 pins over their average.

Next week marks the beginning of a new quarter.  Hope is in the air for all teams.

 Carl Lane