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Bowling Alleygations Week 7 ~ 10-25-21 | Ralph Decker (for Bob Barnes)


Ralph Decker Alleygations for 10-25-21

Bowling Alleygations – Wk 7
Ralph Decker (for Bob Barnes)
Week 7 of the first quarter was another great night of bowling and camaraderie. Here are a few game highlights.

Leonard Lehmkuhl had two games over 200 with a 3 game scratch series of 671. Len’s high game of the night was 256.

Gary “Doc” Jones bowled a high game of 225. Way to go Doc!

Matt Weiss began the night with a 219 game. Way to go Matt!

Bill Piper rolled his best game of the season with a 125. Way to go Bill!

To our first season bowlers: Amy Lewis, Joan Hecker, Lily Michaels, Bill Piper, and Chris Wilson…..THANK YOU for showing up to bowl. Your enthusiasm and pure joy to compete is fun to watch.

Strikes and Spares!

Ralph J. Decker