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Bowling Alleygations Week 6 ~ 10-18-21 | Curt Linton


Curt Linton Alleygations for 10-18-21
Curt Linton at Olivette Lanes on 10-18-21
Alleygations 10/19/2021

It was a nice evening of scotch, women, beer and bowling.
Was nice to see Jerry Regan visiting. It was not very nice of him to win the 50/50 though! But I knew someone other than I was going to win anyway. Frank Brandhorst visited the lanes also and had a beer or two with us.
Bob Barnes’s lost the sole of his shoe and had to use a rental pair. That slowed down his Barnes Shuffle. Glad it didn’t trip him up. Bob doesn’t plan on returning the shoes after 50 years!
With one week before position round Team Decker leads the pack by 16 points over Team Lehmkuhl.
Monday night Team Lehmkuhl kicked ass in all team categories. Individual honor: Scratch game leaders: Ralph Decker 246, Leonard Lehmkuhl 235, and Jack Windish (yes Windish!) 203. Scratch series: Leonard 646, Ralph 626 and Jack 549. Handicap Game Jack Windish 261, Doug (not Don) Lorenz 258, and Decker 258. Handicap Series Windish 723, Doug Lorenz 710, and Leonard 658.