St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Rotary Club of St. Louis – Club 11
 | Letter from the President  10-21-21 

  My fellow Rotarians, we had a meeting of the Charity Golf Tournament committee Thursday afternoon. Rick Tinucci outlined the results of our tournament in September. We enjoyed the best results ever this past year. I’m proud to announce that we grossed $64,772 for the tournament. Our net profit was $48,548.I want to thank everyone who participated.

Our sponsorship was at an all time high! Those who played, purchased raffle items, and volunteered to help made this a successful fundraiser this year. A special thanks goes out to Rick Tinucci 
who chaired this year’s event.

As we move on to our next charity event, the coat drive for kids, I would like to thank Chris Zimmerman from the St. Louis Blues for his $1,000 donation to the cause. Please consider cleaning out your closets and bringing in those costs that are taking up space. The Coat Drive has been extended to the end of this month.

Thank you all for you generosity to our great club

President Jack Windish   10-21-2121