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Bowling Alleygations – Week 4 October 4, 2021 | Leonard Lemkuhl

Lenny Lemkuhl - Week 4 St Louis Bowling Alleyations

Rotary Bowling League

Not your grandma/grandpa’s bowling league

3-Person Team Concept
Speeds up play
League starts at 6:00 and ends by 8:30PM
100% handicap. Any skill level can compete.
League bowls at Olivette Lanes.

Convenient and clean
Family owned
Personnel/excellent service
Tasty food/cold beverages
3 person team speeds play
Gives you plenty of time to bowl, eat, socialize and still be home by 10:00 news
Come out one Monday night to check out the 3-person team concept
Have some FUN with the other Rotarians
Help celebrate this league’s 103rd Season

Respectfully: Leonard J. Lemkuhl
Week 4 10-4-21 St. Louis Rotary Bowling League



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