St. Louis Rotary Club 11 | St Louis, MO

Rotary Club of St. Louis – Club 11
 | Letter from the President  9-30-21 

My fellow Rotarians, I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather we’ve been having lately.

I thought I would share with you some of the things we are discussing at our Board of Directors meetings lately.
Fittest of all, we are pursuing our “Strategic Planning” goals. We would like to start with Signature Project. The idea is to serve the community and give the St. Louis Rotary Club visibility. Our idea is to plant some trees and shrubs in parks around the St. Louis area with our Rotary logo sign including information about time and place of our meetings. These areas may have a book exchange station to offer additional opportunities for the public in these strategic areas.

Second, I would like to thank Jeromy Fritz for his diligent work with Membership Committee. He has arranged dates in October, November and February for prospective new member breakfast meetings.
At our recent meeting, the Board approved three new members: Jim Bernardini, Curtis Stuesse and Harvard Weistreich.

Recently I received an invitation to attend the Rotary District Assembly from Denise Danton, chairman of that committee from Hannibal. The idea is to assemble leaders from District 6060 to share ideas and information about our clubs. This meeting will take place on October 29th in Wright City. Rebecca Richie, Michele Goad, Jeromy Fritz, Richard Warriner and me have agreed to attend. We will share ideas discussed at this meeting with our members.

Thank you to all of our committees for their fine work to move our club forward!

President Jack Windish