Algonquin Country Club Outing

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Rotary Golf League enjoyed a fantastic day at Algonquin Country Club on Wednesday the 21st. The course was beautiful, the weather was great and the dining experience was perfect! The only difficult part the group had to suffer through was my comedy of errors, as I stumbled through announcing the results. Even as Earl Poe, our dedicated treasure did his best to help me, well we all had a good laugh at my expense! Good thing we had plenty of wine provided once again by Flip Cady this year out of his private stash!  I’ll have to say it was a very smooth and flavorful Pinot noir, which is my drink of choice, thank you, thank you!  Also much appreciated, Flip and Harold Kalde arranged two additional Algonquin members, Don Jacobsmeyer and Larry Linkul that joined our group for golf, drinks and dinner. The event was a success and enjoyed by all!

“Championship Flight”

1st –  Flip Cady   gross 74 / net 68
2nd –  Cris Conner   gross 86 / net 70 
 3rd –  Blake Critzas  gross 78 / net 72

“A  Flight”

1st –  Jim Petru              gross  96 / 73 net 
2nd – Derrick Wendling  gross 99 / 78 net 
3rd –  Dave McNutt         gross 103 / 78 net 

“Closest to the Pin”

Steve Lafara                           12′ 4″

“Longest Drive”

Young Seniors                  Blake Critzas
Master Seniors                 Steve Lafara & Jim Petru – Tied …winner goes to Jim!!!

Our next outing will be at Forest Hills Country Club on August the 4th. This beautiful and challenging course is one you don’t want to miss.  Looking forward to this one, see you there!

Blake Critzas
Golf League President

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